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Here at Slabs Plus we can process conventional slab off prism in any material or lens style on the market. The finished outcome of the slab off lens will have a horizontal line throughout. Standard placement of the line depends on the lens style, but we can adjust to any special placement requests from the Doctor. We can also apply any Anti-Reflection, Mirror Coating, UV Coating, or tint treatments to a slab off lens.

In addition to everyday work and slab off lenses, we are currently processing a wide variety of specialty lenses. Occupational Double Segment lenses can slow down the production time of labs, but our lab is geared for this type of custom optical work and offer excellent turnaround time. Safety lenses and frames are becoming a large part of our business and with the expansion of our finishing department we are utilizing state of the art equipment to provide top quality products and service. Slabs Plus has the knowledge and tools to process high correction lenses in the following specialty frame styles: safety googles, sport googles, wrap frames, and notched frames. With the ability to produce complete custom work in house our service and turnaround time is hard to beat.

Slabs Plus is an excellent reference for lens availability. Lens manufactures continue to expand their already extensive line of lenses and we keep our database up to date with the growing industry. We currently process all colors and materials on the market today. Processing specialty RX’s can limit the lens options a customer has, but with our experience and ability we can provide customers with insight to get the best optical and cosmetic outcome. Being an independent lab we have accounts will all lens vendors.

We offer production labs the ability to outsource tedious time consuming orders that hold up the production line. Our lab is capable of processing any work that a lab feels is out of their range. These jobs can range from needing specialized tooling, equipment, or special skills. We process high power and prism, strong cylinders, slab offs, high add powers, minus bases, myo-discs, bi-convex lenses, and prism segments.

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Slabs Plus is our go-to lab for slab-off orders. They consistently provide excellent service, do quality work, and are always helpful and pleasant. We can’t recommend them highly enough!

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